My name is Tetsuya Iseda. I live in Fukuoka, Japan.

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After graduating from Saga Prefectural Arita ceramics University I started making dog figurines from ceramic. My inspiration was a cute face of a pug.

Soon I started enjoying creating many different expressions of dogs. Later I got a cat so her existence in my life became a part of my creative world as well.

Each of my works has a different character and brings a smile to people faces.

These are some of my works dedicated to Shiba Inu.

More info: Etsy

#2 Shiba Inu Flower Pot

Shiba Inu Flower Pot

Siros funny animals Report

na2na3 1 year ago

North meets South : )) ❤

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#7 Shiba Inu Figurine

Shiba Inu Figurine

Siros funny animals Report

은별 1 year ago

Loooook at its tail guys I'm melting. This detail is so cute ♥