Yes, we have had a little fun with the 'life hacks pro tips' concept in the past, chuckling along with glee while people shared their gloriously goofy 'shitty life hacks' a few months back. But this time we are serious.

Now we have sourced some genuinely practical hints, tips and shortcuts that really can make your busy life a little easier. Some of them are just good old common sense, others are valuable insider knowledge about things like IT and airlines. A few of them are just so damn obviously staring you in the face, that you take them for granted and forget to take advantage! All of them however, are wise, smart and extremely useful.

Scroll down to check out the list compiled by Bored Panda, and let us know in the comments if you found anything that could come in handy for yourself!   (Facebook cover image: Björn Láczay)


Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Never give an animal to someone as a gift, especially if they do not ask for one.
Thrusting an animal on someone forces them to take care of another life but not everyone can afford to give it the life it deserves.

Cyanide915 , Petful Report

Daria B 1 week ago

This one should be on top. A very important advice actually. Imagine someone entrusted you with a kid to care for the rest of your life. I mean, it's not same, but it's similar and the point is the same.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If you're trying to learn a new language try watching children's shows dubbed in that language. Children's shows tend to go over things like shapes, colors, animals, etc. and can help you learn basic words and sentences.

SonofaTimeLord , Peppa Pig Report

Didi 1 week ago

Ok I never thought of this and this is solid advice

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips When you sign up for anything online, put the websites name as your middle name. That way when you receive spam/advert emails, you will know who sold your info.

mc1nc4 , Marco Gomes Report

Ninyan 1 week ago

And also to set up a secondary email address to keep the main uncluttered ^-^)

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If you have a friend or family member that provides a professional service (legal, medical, accounting, etc), always offer to pay for their service. Don't assume that they will help you for free.

doubleflusher , The Pentecostals of OC Report

J 1 week ago

Especially if they are an artist.

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If you know someone who cares about everyone around them a lot, please, ask them if they are okay from time to time.
I have seen, with time, that people that care a lot about other people, it's sometimes because they have trouble taking care of themselves.

ivanol55 Report

Andres Tejeda 1 week ago

This is actually great, since sometimes the most compassionate people are the people in the most pain. They help since they know what others are suffering or can empathize.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips As a manager, give praise in public and give discipline in private.
In an old job in "Corporate America" I had a manager who would always share with employees encouragement and kind words of praise within earshot of other employees, and would offer words of critisicm and suggestions for improvement in private (in his office or a conference room). This set up an environment of positive reinforcement and gave employees respect and honesty they needed to perform at a higher level.

yardsandyards , sugree Report

diane a 1 week ago (edited)

Nothing worse than a manager who bawls you out in front of others, particularly for something that isnt even your fault. I once got the (very loud and public) blame for an important fax which had been undiscovered for several days - half an hour into my first day back from a weeks holiday. Purely because my desk was closest to the fax machine.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips When someone says no to a piece of cake, don't try to convince them saying "it's just one piece". It's not just one piece. It's a mentally lost battle that will affect the coming battles, possibly resulting in a lost war against an unhealthy lifestyle for a person actively trying to improve.

nomansskydrive , star5112 Report

Pungent Sauce 1 week ago

No means no.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips After college, once you get the first job, start looking for a better job after a year or two. Don't stay out of loyalty.
Because trust me, no company is loyal to their employees. Be respectful and professional, but loyalty in a company is rarely noticed and appreciated.

As a person who has worked for a same company for 6 years after graduating, i found out i didn't get a single raise within it unless i ask for it every f*cking year, never got much other benefit than initially signed while studying at school.

So i started applying for 5 months and finally got a job, it pays me almost 5 (edit: 4 is more accurate+ benefits such as health care, lunch, gym etc...) times as much as i used to. My friend from same school, with same seniority was getting 4 times my salary for the last 2 years already.

My mistake was thinking that being loyal to this company was gonna in return make the company loyal to me, the company only wants lower costs, loyalty has no place here.

cowardthe6th Report

Lios 1 week ago

This is so true! I changed jobs, went from 5 days to 4 days a week and earn more then before!

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If you are buying headphones/speakers, test them with Bohemian Rhapsody. It has the complete set of highs and lows in instruments and vocals.

Willwalt , Freddie Mercury Biography Report

r3dd3v1lL 1 week ago

The source of the audio also matters. Is it a youtube video or an mp3 or a stream with unknown quality? Or is it a lossless rip or even better an analogue source like a vinyl. Speakers and headphones can sound great in the shop when played from a good source and ran through an amp and/ or a dac, but then people take them home to listen to youtube or crappy streams and are immediately disappointed.

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If someone tells you they don't drink alcohol, don't ask them why.
It's probably for a personal reason, and may be because they're an alcoholic. In any case, it isn't any of your business.

tereddits Report

Isabella 1 week ago

The same about asking somebody why they don't have children.

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