A customer in Petsmart in Northwest Raleigh, North Carolina couldn’t help but share this tweet of an adorable kitten in a sock sweater recently, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the picture.

“I’m at petco and THEY FOUND A KITTEN IN THE STORM AND PUT HER IN A LITTLE SWEATER,” she wrote in her tweet that’s since been shared almost 64k times and liked by more than 113k people. The kitten had been rescued from Hurricane Matthew and the customer, known as Sarah, noticed it after she overheard a family talking to a vet assistant about looking for a new cat. The assistant brought out a tiny baby tabby wrapped up in a little sock sweater to keep her warm, and it was clearly love at first sight for the family who immediately decided to adopt the kitten.

More info: Twitter (h/t: lovemeow)

This lucky 3-4 week old kitten was saved from Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina

Vets at Petsmart in Northwest Raleigh made her this adorable sock sweater to keep her warm

She was shown to a family who were looking for a new kitten and they fell in love with her immediately

And so did the internet

The kitten is now safe in her loving new home