True love doesn’t care about money. When you really love someone, it doesn’t matter where they take you to eat, what salary they earn, or what kind of education they have. Love is above all tangible things, assets, and extra zeros in the bank account.

However, not everyone is on the same page. Recently, one man in South Africa proposed to his girlfriend at a KFC chain restaurant. For most, it was a heartwarming moment worth capturing on video (we’re glad they did), while some saw an opportunity to drag the man down for being ‘broke.’ Well, the joke’s on this person who tried to roast the man in love, because the internet has come together to make sure the couple has the loveliest and fanciest wedding.

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Recently, a couple went viral after this man proposed to his girlfriend at KFC

Image credits: KFCSA

The heartwarming moment was captured by a passer-by who spotted the man kneeling down on one knee at the KFC restaurant in Vaal, South Africa. In the video, the girlfriend can be seen tearing up and saying yes. The two seemed incredibly happy and were grinning from ear to ear to onlookers who were taking photos and videos.

However, this journalist dragged the man down for being ‘broke’

Image credits: Butterfly_Anele

“SA [South African] men are so broke they even propose at KFC. They have absolutely no class, I mean who proposes at KFC,” the woman wrote. Anele’s tweet was met with people’s anger, who couldn’t simply believe that someone would drag a man down like for simply proposing to his girlfriend. As of now, the tweet has been taken down and the person behind it made their account private.

KFC South Africa reposted the video asking the public to help them find the couple

“Please help us find this beautiful couple, [we want to be blessers]. DM us any leads, there might be a Finger Lickin’ Good surprise in it for you too. [Vaal people, help us]! We love love,” KFC South Africa wrote in their tweet.

The couple was found and numerous international brands offered to chip in for the couple’s wedding

Image credits: PUMASouthAfrica

Such global brands as PUMA, Huawei, McDonald’s, Uber, and Audi have offered their help. PUMA gifted an R10,000 (approximately $680) voucher, Huawei—two of their phones, but the Standard Bank topped them all by offering the couple to clear their loans up to R300,000 (over $20,000!).

Image credits: audisouthafrica

Image credits: HuaweiZA

Image credits: McDonalds_SA

Image credits: Uber_RSA

Standard Bank South Africa has promised the couple to clear their loans

Image credits: StandardBankZA

The couple were also gifted groceries worth more than $1,300

Image credits: KOO_Food

From food, to even the wedding rings—the people on the internet took care of everything

Image credits: billydlamini

Numerous people from various businesses have stepped in, offering their services and goods for free. Including wedding rings, cake, dress, transport, groceries, SPA treatments. And probably all the other things that you can imagine.

Image credits: ClarebAccessory

Image credits: Sonkaducci

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People on Twitter and representatives of KFC were ecstatic about how the situation turned out

Image credits: KFCSA

“A bucket full of love for Mzansi’s* favorite couple in true SA style, umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,** thank you to each and every one of you South’A. Our bucket overflows with love,” they wrote on their Twitter page.

*Mzansi—an informal name for South Africa

**Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu—a saying that means, “a person is a person through/because of (other) people” or—”you are who you are because of how you relate to others around you.”

And were glad that love looks and tastes better than the soup that KFC serves

Image credits: KFCSA