Hello, I am Daniel Liév, sometimes shortened to “liév” when signing my drawings. I believe illustration is the finest form of art that blends form and content so beautifully that they could be perceived as one thing.

I am a relatively new freelance illustrator residing in Bogotá. I decided that illustration was going to be part of my livelihood as it describes my way of seeing the world. How I address my work is not separated from how I handle my life at all.

In this particular illustrations, I try to portray ironies and ambiguities so that there is legible narrative elements in singular static images. I use carbon pencil for initial sketches, a small wacom, and the out-of-nothing “magic” of Photoshop. I am kidding, there is no magic, but a strong will to communicate my ideas.

More info: lifeisanillusion.com

Life Is Beautiful


Life Is Hard





The World Belongs to the Living

Translation: The world belongs to the living.


Inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio

Poor Man

Translation: It’s fine to be poor.


Translation: The problem with happiness is that we’re not aware of it when we’re happy.


Purity learns by imitation.

Another Time