Hello my name is Patrick Beck and I am a glass artist. I have been lampworking since I was 19 and made my way through college with glass. I have a total of 8 years experience making glass. I recently have started traveling the world blowing glass and making art. I plan to continue my journies this year if at all possible. I traveled to 35 different states last year and then to 7 countries in Europe. All the while blowing glass and going to art museums to learn as much as I can about every aspect possible in the art realm.

I would love to be featured on Bored Panda. I have been a fan on facebook for a good while. Here are a few pictures of last years tour. Some of them were taken in different countries. I made it into a few art galleries last year and aspire to create. I have plans in the future to make large scale sculptures. Everything I make is hand made.

I can provide a lot more information if I am considered for being a featured artist and I look forward to working with your company.