We all know that most people share an idealized version of themselves on social media, cherry-picking only the best images, thoughts, and experiences to share with the world. But some Instagram celebrities have taken this concept to the extreme, creating Instagram vs reality versions of themselves. 

They bombard their followers with photoshopped images that are so far from reality that they can sow seeds of doubt in some people’s minds, leading them to strive for an unrealistic body image at great cost to their self-esteem and mental health.

Those “perfect” celebrity pics you see on Instagram are far from the casual snaps they appear to be

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Hours of make-up, flattering poses and all kinds of editing take place before the “everyday” shot is uploaded onto social media

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Instagram vs Reality Trend Comes to the Rescue

Luckily, some people see the problem in this and are trying to uncover the fakery that goes on behind the scenes of infamous Instagram photos. Previously, we featured Swiss blogger the_truth_is_not_pretty, who posts honest, real images side-by-side with ones that have been given the ‘Instagram treatment.’ This time, Bored Panda has an amusing and quite shocking “Instagram vs Reality” funny video by YouTube star Ethan Klein, who exposes the ugly truth of fake Instagram pictures behind some of the more famous influencers.

“I can’t get over the difference! Don’t believe what you see on Instagram folks”

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Delivered with his usual comedic flair, Ethan skewers the obvious trickery that some of these influencers get up to on a regular basis in their Instagram posts. It all goes to show that everything you see online has to be taken with a pinch of salt, and under no circumstances should you compare yourself unfavorably to these people. They aren’t what they want you to think they are!

“Excuse me what…”

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“One for the boys out here. Magazines are just an illusion”

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Why Do We Enjoy Reality vs Instagram Photos?

Away from the buffed and polished images we are presented with daily, it can actually be refreshing to see the human side of the famous people we admire. Social media initially gave us this opportunity to look behind the curtain. Sadly, though, most social media accounts of celebrities are now run by teams of advisors and managers who don’t allow anything to be shown unless it has been carefully vetted first.


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While we admire, respect, and even idolize some celebrities, setting high expectations for ourselves, we somehow crave reassurance that they are human, too. It helps us to relate to them on a deeper level. Magazines with headlines screaming “Cameron Diaz without Make-Up” or “Beyonce’s Acne Problem” always sell well because they give people a little peek behind the perfectly-curated curtain of an Instagram filter vs reality. Still, perhaps it would be easier if there was less fakery, illusion, and lies in the first place.


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If you’ve doubted yourself because of the seemingly perfect things you’ve seen on social media, watch the video below to see how Instagram vs reality body images distort our perception of ourselves. Share this article with your friends so that more people can see through the fakery and start appreciating their image!

Watch the full video below


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“A campaign photo for Good American. You’d expect Photoshop, but possibly at a more professional level”

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“Lips fillers Insta vs Paparazzi”

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“Coachella, the content farm”

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“Instagrammers are ruining California’s super bloom”

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“Kylie Jenner (same day on Instagram vs. on TV)”


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“That moment when your eyebrow glitches through your hat”

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“Body so hot the Colosseum and the fence gets distorted”

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“Melania Trump’s official White House portrait”

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“Calf day was clearly not on the schedule”

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“Wait, are we ashamed of our hand lines now? Nobody told me? I’ve been showing them in public like a total chump!”


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“Who are these people”

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“Makeup artist highlights what facetune really can do”

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“Instagram vs. Youtube”

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“Make sure your friends are Photoshopping too”

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“I’m 29 and until I found this sub I thought the “no pore look” was just excellent makeup I feel silly now, but also relieved”

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“Instagram picture vs. interview two weeks apart”


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“Her own Instagram vs. Tagged photo… It was untagged real quick”

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“Face lost 20 kgs?”

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“Instagram vs. Red carpet”

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“I always was so jealous of her”

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