Public toilets were famously popular in Roman Empire. Romans were also fond of graffiti. The fact that people scribble stuff on bathroom walls is thus a historical inevitability. Romans, Mayans, Vikings and Varangians all left their names or funny sayings wherever they went. Hagia Sophia still bears the name of Halvdan, who carved it while in the employ of the Byzantine emperor.

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It's only natural that bathroom goers would do the same.

Do you have any funny pictures of bathroom stall advice? Post them below, or vote on your favorite!

#2 Don't Be Ashamed

Don't Be Ashamed


MeganHutch 2 years ago

So cute

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#3 Inspirational Bathroom Graffiti

Inspirational Bathroom Graffiti

pestilent_bronco Report

HazelWaring 2 years ago

... and frustrating to others when it runs out

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#5 Bathroom Stall Poetry At Its Finest

Bathroom Stall Poetry At Its Finest

angrythesaurus Report

BoredGiraffe 2 years ago

o m g i laughed so hard on this one XD XD XD

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#6 Women's Washroom

Women's Washroom

coachoaks Report

RubyLamore 2 years ago

Burst out laughing, made my day!!!

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#7 This Baby Changing Sign

This Baby Changing Sign


Taralyn215 2 years ago

That's funny

#8 Bathroom Graffiti Masterpiece

Bathroom Graffiti Masterpiece


JasperLloyd 2 years ago

Those sink balls

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#9 My Eye Blows

My Eye Blows Report

GayleWayland 2 years ago

You cannot unsee it.

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#12 This Can Blow Your Mind

This Can Blow Your Mind


RubyLamore 2 years ago

That's really good!