Chinese-born paint-splatter and street artist Hua Tunan is back it again with a series of stunning new animal portraits. Using a unique combination of traditional Chinese painting and Western street art, his work has won acclaim around the world. We previously wrote about him here, when he first went viral after creating a beautiful owl out of multicolored dashes of paint.

Hua Tunan, real name Cheng Yingjie, was born in Born in 1991 in Foshan, Guangdong. He has his own studio in Foshan, China, and has worked with famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Adidas, NIKE, Jaguar, Volvo, and Disney. His signature chaotic painting style can be created on canvases and wall-sized murals alike.

Hua Tunan is presently holding his first solo exhibition at Chicago’s Galerie F, so if you’re in the neighborhood, check him out!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Behance (h/t: laughingsquid, colossal)

Prairie Fire

Blue Ink Leopard

Crouching Tiger

Color Parrot

Keep Walking

Peacock In Tai Chi


JEDI Rhino

Night Bird

Life On Dusk