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Artist Creates Stunning Owl Painting With Chaotic Splashes Of Color
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Artist Creates Stunning Owl Painting With Chaotic Splashes Of Color


Chinese painter, illustrator and street artist Cheng Yingjie (a.k.a. Hua Tunan) has created an extraordinary painting called “Night Owl” that makes perfect use of his signature colorful and chaotic drawing technique.

Yingjie’s stunning and dynamic owl painting seems to materialize magically out of a chaotic cloud of splashes and splashes of colorful paint. Like many other successful contemporary street artists, he uses a wide range of bright colors, even those that don’t actually appear in owls, like green, blue and purple. His dynamic style, while definitely his own, is similar to the work done by many other notable street artists, including that of DALeast.

Not surprisingly, Yingjie’s beautiful drawings have been in fairly high demand, as he is a leader in the contemporary Chinese art community. And yet, this is one of the few times that he has actually offered his cool art up for sale to the public. He has created 35 copies of this owl drawing by hand to sell to the public, each with its own little unique hand-drawn subtleties.

For another example of his stunning and unique art, check out this post on his work or check out his Tumblr and Facebook.

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