One of the most famous destinations in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, with more than 17,000 islands, is the lush island of Bali. If you have had an opportunity to visit it or it’s still on your list, you’re probably aware of its abundant wellness centers, locals and tourists zooming around on motorcycles, vibrant nightlife, and cute cafes with scrumptious meals. Bali being one of the hottest destinations attracts every kind of traveler who should be attentive and understanding about local customs and culture, and during the current pandemic, also the government’s rules and regulations regarding health and safety.

A US-based YouTuber, Josh Paler Lin, and a Russian influencer, Leia Se, got into a complicated situation with the local authorities for not complying with the pandemic rules. They got a blue surgical mask painted on Leia Se’s face and entered a supermarket with it. The footage stirred a lot of controversy and ended with the pranksters facing deportation.

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Youtuber based in US Josh Paler Lin and Russian influencer Leia Se were denied entry to a supermarket in Bali, Indonesia, for Leia not wearing a mask, so they decided to paint one

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The population of influencers in Bali is about to lose two of its pranksters. US-based Taiwanese YouTuber Josh Paler Lin and Russian influencer Leia Se were ordered by the authorities of Bali island to leave. The YouTuber specializes in prank videos and has over 3.4M subscribers, and this time, he filmed a video of painting a blue surgical mask on Leia, then entering a local supermarket, chuckling over the fact that no one noticed that the mask was painted on.

Josh, who’s Youtube channel has over 3.4M subscribers is famous for pranks and saw a window of opportunity in this situation of having to wear a mask and not having one

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Although the initial video clips created by Josh were taken down, a few videos reappeared on YouTube and Twitter. They contain Josh exclaiming “Did you notice, like no one’s actually looking at you?” and “I can’t believe it worked!”, and Leia walking around the supermarket casually getting groceries and occasionally giggling about getting away with it. As it seems from the video, the couple received a few confused looks from the other shoppers and attracted attention from the cashier.

Failing to comply with the COVID-19 health and safety rules for first-time violators means paying a fine of 1 million rupiah (approx 70 USD)

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The pranksters managed to sneak through the security checking customers entering the supermarket temperature

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According to the mask-wearing rules in Bali, first-time violators need to pay a fine of 1 million rupiah (approx 70 USD) and then face deportation if they continue to disobey, but the local police ordered the immediate removal of the two tourists. The head of civil service police unit of the island commented that “It’s only proper to sanction them more severely, not just with a fine but also deportation. They are not only violating, but deliberately provoking in public to defy health guidelines.”

The videos showing the couple shopping in the supermarket violating the mask wearing regualtion online were removed, but shortly resurfaced in different channels

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Some locals and tourists noticed that something with Leia’s blue surgical mask wasn’t right

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In the apology video Josh has submitted, he says “I made this video to entertain people because I’m a content creator and it’s my job to entertain people. However, I did not realize that what I did could actually bring a lot of negative comments,” and advised people to always wear masks and invite everyone to help Bali regain its tourism. Jamaruli Manihuruk from the local office of Justice and Human Rights Ministry promised that the influencers will be deported as soon as they are tested for COVID-19. He also said that “Foreigners who don’t respect the laws and regulations in Indonesia are facing deportation sanctions,” and that the couple will be held in a detention cell at the immigration office as they wait for their flight.”

The influencers were walking around the shop marvelling at how they can get away without being caught

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The cashier questioned prankster’s ‘fake mask’ as she tried not to move her lips and pretend that everything’s normal

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Bali’s police authorities caught the influencers and ordered them to leave the island as release a video explaining themselves and asking people to act responisbly

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As welcoming as Bali and Indonesians are, the local authorities struggle with tourists and influencers’ lack of consideration for the local culture and lifestyle. Back in January, another influencer from Russia, Sergei Kosenko, was deported after driving a motorcycle with a female passenger off a pier into the sea. The locals were angered by such a risky and environment-polluting stunt. The comments from the local residents and general public weren’t the most cheerful about Josh and Leia’s prank.

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Online communities were questioning the influencer’s behaviour and locals were expressing their discontect about inconsideration of Josh and Leia

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