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I Make Wool Copies Of Peoples’ Pets
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I Make Wool Copies Of Peoples’ Pets

I am a needle felting artist who creates poseable sculptures of dogs, owls, and other realistic (and whimsical) creatures.  Many people I encounter have never heard of needle felting.  Needle felting involves using a barbed needle to repeatedly poke at piles of loose wool and other fibers until they form solid shapes.  The barbs on the needle cause the individual fibers to entangle, eventually forming a solid three-dimensional shape.
Many people commission me to create dog sculptures of their or a family member’s favorite dog.  These dogs are often referred to as “soul dogs” – dogs fate has placed with their human companions.  I also receive many orders for sculptures of special dogs who have passed away – I believe a dog sculpture is an unique way to remember and honor a beloved companion.
My dream is to one day support myself and my family with my needle felting.  It brings me great joy to create felt sculptures of people’s pets and to be able to felt fulltime would be such an honor.

More info: Facebook | Etsy

I use people’s photos to create custom dog sculptures

To make these felt dogs, I start by building a wire armature.  I use dog breed guidelines and figures of dog skeletons to create a wire “skeleton” to build my sculpture on

I then use my customer’s photos as well as breed guidelines to felt the actual dog.  I pay special attention to each dog’s unique characteristics, such as coat color, patterns, and markings

My ultimate goal is to create a miniature replica of that particular dog


Because my sculptures contain wire armatures, the dogs are completely poseable- they can be posed into multiple positions

Each dog takes approximately two to three weeks to complete


You can find these adorable dogs on Etsy.


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