I first started these floral alphabet letters as wedding presents and new baby gifts, and realised they would be a perfect and personal way to celebrate both these big occasions and also the everyday stories that happen within our homes. I set out to paint the full set over the course of a year, and managed to complete the set and get them ready as prints.

I began with A- not because it’s the first letter of the alphabet, but because our littlest is called Amelia (this one is in her bedroom) and continued from there. Some letters were made especially for particular people, some letters are surrounded with personal wedding bouquets and others dreamy florals I found inspiration from. Each one was painted with watercolours and the letter hand drawn.

The intricacy of conveying the beauty in each flower in each bouquet was such a challenge and growth to me as an artist. But most of all I think it’s so important to make our spaces and gifts personal to the person and so this collection feels so unique and personal to me, and I hope it will be the same to everyone who has one in their own home.

More info: zoeprose.com