This time for Inktober I decided to draw my Inktober entries into my small sketchbook. And I love all things about hauntings, spooks, spirits and ghosts of all sorts and from all around the world.

Autumn with its grey weather, the falling leaves and the rain is always to me the classic season for ghost stories, and I love to spend my time snuggled up with hot tea and reading about all kind of ghosts.

So far I present You for example the Scottish Water Spirit “Kelpie”, that lures children on its back while tacking the shape of a horse. After that it drowns its poor victims in the next lake or other body of water.

An especially scary ghost is the “Roggenmuhme” (Rye Auntie) that is a boogey man for children to stay out of the crops. She is depicted as an old gigantic woman with equally gigantic breasts.

Far more friendly are the Tonttu of Finnish Folklore that take care of farmhouses or saunas. They like it when you give them a bowl of rye porridge.

A tragic haunting is the ghost of a young girl who was accused of being a poacher, and who was strapped to the deer that she nursed back to health. This haunting is said to occure in the North Western region of Germany, the Muensterland.

Another rather famous ghost is the headless horseman that can occur in the Western part of Germany along the Rhine River, who brought it to further fame through Washington Irving’s tale of “the Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

Right now, I don’t know with what kind of ghosts I may come up, as there are a lot of intriguing ghost stories around the world.

More info:

A Mushroom Spirit

The Storm Tiger

The White Lady


Tonttu & Saunatonttu


Work in Progress and to give you an idea of the size of my sketchbook

The poor “Poacher” Girl and Deer

Another shot of my work in progress.

The Gluhschwanz (glow tail) – a dragonlike spirit from Lower-Saxony, Germany

The Headless Horseman

Elwedritsche, the sort of Wolpertinger from Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

The Ghost Panther of St. Donat’s Castle, Wales