I’m Yuki. I’m Japanese and we make weird stuff for a living.

I went to UK and loved the pie, so decided to make a vegan version of it with Jabba.

Why Jabba? Well why not?! I’ve always had a thing for chubby creatures, regardless of what they look like. Jabba is a large slug-like alien who tied Princess Leia up and treated her like a slave. I know that he is a bad guy, but look at him: he is so cute and chubby with his big belly filled with secrets. And when I smell secrets, I just wanna cut them open and see what’s inside.

More info: yukitchen.com

I made Jabba the Hutt Vegan Shepherd’s Pie and you can do it too

His Dark Side tummy is filled with yummy healthy stuff

First, prepare the lentils, mushrooms, Japanese okura, and more

Then make the molding from potatoes, soy milk and a little vegetable stock

This is the Jabba base that goes on top which I formed with a plastic wrap

Time to bake it!

I used seaweed (we call it “nori”) to create his face

Little wet matcha powder is used to get that greenish Jabba hue

Majestic, isn’t it?

Can’t eat such a masterpiece like this? Don’t worry: the lure of the potatoes will always take you to the Dark Side

The final result