I started knitting moths in 2014 when a friend suggested that I make a rosy maple moth. Before then I'd thought moths were all boring, brown tiny things that would eat my wool. When I saw this bright pink and yellow beauty I begun seeking out more and more fancy moths. Then I started knitting them and quickly became addicted to their colours and patterns.

I was offered an exhibition in a London yarn shop called Prick Your Finger. Once I had them on display I soon found there were many people who loved moths as much as me. I now have an enormous list of moths that I want to knit. They are all so different and varied that I don't think I'll get bored of them for a long time! It's also quite amusing to make moths out of a material that they are known for eating.

They can be quite slow to knit as I often use more than 4 colours in a row which sometimes leads to more time spent untangling the yarn than actually knitting! I use Shetland wool that comes in over 200 shades so I can be quite accurate when matching the moths natural colours.

One of the most spectacular moths that I've knitted is the Urania Sloanus. It went extinct in the early 1900's and I like to think that I've given it a new lease of life. I want to highlight more threatened species as insects aren't usually high on the list when we think of endangered animals.

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#1 Moths On Show

Moths On Show

This is me and some of my framed moths at an art fair. I wore a moth jumper for the occasion!

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Yolanda Qin 1 year ago

What's the name of this art fair? Where was it held? Thanks! http://YarnsInBulk.com

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#2 Sloane's Urania Moth (Urania Sloanus)

Sloane's Urania Moth (Urania Sloanus)

This moth went extinct in the early 1900's. I saw a tweet from Oxford University Museum of Natural History about this moth and just had to have a go. It's 34cm tall and took a couple of weeks to make!

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Sami 1 year ago

I googled it. It was a moth now believed to be extinct

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#3 Knitted Eyed Hawk Moth

Knitted Eyed Hawk Moth

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#4 Peach Blossom Moth (Thyatira Batis)

Peach Blossom Moth (Thyatira Batis)

I love how you can imagine this moth hanging out on a peach blossom tree and being perfectly disguised.

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Serene Farless 1 year ago

Absolutely outstanding work! God bless your hands ^_^

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#5 Miliona Basalis

Miliona Basalis

I really love the colours of this one and the delicate antennae are very pleasing.

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#6 Zamarada Moth (Zamarada Scintillans)

Zamarada Moth (Zamarada Scintillans)

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-- 1 year ago

such detail in the veins ahh

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#7 Io Moth (Automeris Io)

Io Moth (Automeris Io)

I knitted this moth during National Moth Week as this is the moth that they have on their logo.

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Liti Haramaty 1 year ago

Beautiful and thank you on behalf of National Moth Week.

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#8 Pease Blossom Moth (Periphanes Delphinii)

Pease Blossom Moth (Periphanes Delphinii)

This one took even more concentration than usual as I used seven different pink yarns to knit the wings.

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Katrina Meyer 1 year ago

These are simply beautiful :)

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#9 Zaddach's Emperor Moth (Bunaeopsis Oubie)

Zaddach's Emperor Moth (Bunaeopsis Oubie)

This African Moth actually came out close to life size. Their wingspan can be up to 25cm!

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#10 African Cherry Spot Moth (Diaphone Eumela)

African Cherry Spot Moth (Diaphone Eumela)

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Kathryn Bergin 1 year ago

your work is beautiful