I’m Celka, although on the internet right now people know me as CellCow. Less than a week ago, I posted some funny photos of me doing celebrity impressions on Reddit, and astonishingly the post went viral.

It started off as a simple sharing of my goofy famous people imitations to my friends via Instagram. I wanted to be weird, hoping maybe to get a laugh out of them instead of posting the classic “look at me I’m pretty” selfie. Basically, I was trying to upset the selfie standard. I have too many friends who are afraid of posting themselves looking ugly at the expense of a cheap laugh – I personally think that’s silly, considering a photo should be just a photo and not define who you are as a human being.

I look at the funny face, I perfect the facial expressions in the mirror until I’m satisfied (or I’m tired), then I take a cool photo and flip it horizontally. Then I put the photo next to the original one. Et voila!

My inspirations are Dana Carvey and Jim Carrey. They are two of the goofiest men on the planet and I love them for it.

More info: Imgur

I know you guys hate selfies, but bear with me – this is different