As you might have noticed, it has been a while since my last post. Although I have taken some pictures the past months, which I will share later, I simply couldn’t find the time, nor energy, to post my work. Luckily, there came an end to my lack of motivation, as I visited Scotland and got re-energized! So for the weeks to come, I’ll be sharing some of my work and revive my blog! The series on Scotland will kick off in Edinburgh.

As I had never been in Scotland, this was very exiting, and arriving at Edinburgh felt like coming home right away! The Scots are very much like the Dutch in their communication, very direct. And I appreciate that honesty. There is only one big difference, the Scots are nicer people, and always in for a chat, opposed to the more self-centered Dutch people. I also realized that the average Scot swears a bit more than the common English person, something that I enjoy too. The city Edinburgh feels almost like Amsterdam. It is smaller and therefore less crowded, but I felt free! Walking the sidewalks, the smell of weed greeted me (despite pot not being legal, some people do smoke it in the streets), a little further down the road a gay couple walked hand-in-hand, and in the Princess Street Gardens many people were enjoying their lunch, a good read, or just the sun. Freedom!

More info:

During the summer, people enjoy the Park in Princes Street!

Being Scotland, the Gothic architecture is well presented in this wonderful city

From the Edinburgh Castle to the many churches, the architecture is amazing.

A must see for dog owners is the grave and statue of Greyfriars Bobby

A little Skye Terrier that spent 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until is own dead. This dog is very loved in Scotland, and his statue is still being petted, even by locals.

Besides being friendly, it said that that Scotland is not country of the pretty people, but the picture below proves the critics wrong!

Arthur’s Seat!

Looking down on the Princess Street from Calton Hill

Edinburgh as seen from Calton Hill. On the left the Dugald Stewart Monument

If you are lucky, you’ll get treated by a great sunset over the city!

Roman architecture on Calton Hill