Last year, my mashups of popular logo and classical art made waves here on Bored Panda

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This project, titled Logomorphia, is a follow-up to the Logo+Art project. Logomorphia is a series of juxtapositions of popular logos to create surreal, funny, and amusing creatures and situations. Creative accidents do happen when you’re so stressed writing your MS thesis hahaha!

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#1 Nokia + Subway

Nokia + Subway


Happy Ghost 1 year ago


#2 Bored Panda + Penguin Books

Bored Panda + Penguin Books


Jasmine Chen 1 year ago

=bored penguin

#3 Playboy + Barbie

Playboy + Barbie


Kirsten Lee 1 year ago

That actually looks really cool

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#4 Android + Snapchat

Android + Snapchat


Petra Madsen 1 year ago

This should be Androids snapchat icon :P