We spent 11 weeks with an orphan from Ukraine. Up to 70% of orphans are human trafficked for sex or organs within two years of leaving orphanage at 16. 50% of the survivors commit suicide from loneliness and desperation. We need to raise $30,000.00 to bring our girl home forever. 

More info: hopeforalina.org

Stock photo. When she knew no hope

Arrival day. Up for 48 hours before she arrived. She thought we lived in castles, and refused to wear a seat belt

Enamored with America, and overwhelmed with the ability to make a choice. Her first real smiles she hid. The light started to show through the walls that were coming down

She learned to swim, to ride a bike, to be a sister and a daughter

She started to learn to trust. She started to allow herself to feel loved

She joined a family

She came to America, when asked what she saw on her journey she replied “I saw hope for my future”

She spent 11 weeks being a sister, a daughter, being allowed to relax and be a child

And then departure day arrived, and she held back her tears

She had found out what it was like to love, to be loved, and to find hope. She hopes to come to live with her family in America soon. It is up to us to rally behind her and raise a community to bring her home.