Too many LGBTQ+ persons live under the shadow of discrimination, violence, and fear. Global data makes clear that the dehumanization of LGBTQ+ persons is systemic, pervasive, and often violent. So the closest people to them, family members and friends, are quintessential figures in not only supporting but also standing up for them and for the freedom to be, love, and live like yourself.

This dad who the internet has been praising shared a story of how his gay daughter got badly insulted by a homophobic neighbor. Their daughters have lived opposite for years now and they would come over and have sleepovers in the past, until one day, it stopped.

“Last year my daughter came out as a lesbian and a short while later we noticed that our friends across the road never seemed to want to chat anymore,” the dad wrote in a post on r/NuclearRevenge and added that “her friend had messaged her to say that she wasn’t allowed around our house anymore.”

So the dad did what anyone would and paid a visit to the neighbor. This didn’t go well, and may have ended up costing him his marriage too.

Some time ago, this dad shared a story of how he served nuclear revenge on a jerk neighbor who badly insulted his daughter after she came out as gay

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Bored Panda reached out to the author of this story who’s the dad of the LGBTQ teen. “I’m afraid the epilogue is a bit dull. *** dad and his wife split. She has a new guy living there already. Her daughter is ok AFAIK and sees her dad every couple of weeks. She and my daughter are friendly but don’t see much of each other,” the dad told us. He also said his daughter is fine and she is “seeing a nice girl from her school.”

The dad told us he “doesn’t see a lot of insults in life because most bigots are cowards and I’m a big ugly git. My daughter sees some abuse from kids at school but her school is good at handling it.”

He also said that online he has had some people message me with homophobic slurs when I’ve spoken about her. “But honestly throwing insults back at right-wing trolls comes pretty easy to me. They rarely reply back afterward. I’d much rather they try to throw their hate at me than my kid.”


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“To the parents of LGBTQ children, love your kids. Be there for them. They are brave enough to stand up in a world that throws hate at them just for being themselves. That’s something to be goddamn proud of them for.”

“Make damn sure the love they get outweighs all the hate that every small-minded asshat in the world combined can throw. Don’t lie to them and pretend it’s always going to be an easy journey, just make sure they know it’s one they aren’t walking alone,” the dad of the LGBTQ teen said.


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