The subway is one of the most interesting places to visit, regardless of location. While some are built to be full-fledged museums and art galleries for tourists and locals alike, others are often the go-to places for a variety of street performers and musical artists. The latter often go there for the acoustics. No matter where you live, if your city has an operating subway system, something exciting and interesting is bound to happen there eventually. And it might go viral.

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Emily Zamourka, the 52-year-old subway songstress, mesmerized the world with her angelic singing in the LA subway

This is exactly what happened in the Los Angeles subway. A police officer stumbled upon a woman singing opera in the Wilshire-Normandie subway station. The mesmerizing performance was filmed and soon posted on the LAPD Twitter account with a poetic caption: “4 million people call LA home. 4 million stories. 4 million voices… sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful”.

The woman’s angelic singing immediately went viral. As of now, the video is already a bit shy of a million views. The video led to everyone talking about her and wanting to hear more of her singing.

The woman introduced herself as Emily Zamourka, a 52-year-old songstress and musician from Russia. Zamourka learned to sing as a child by watching opera singers perform on television. Her passion for music lead to mastering the piano and violin later in her life.


Emily Zamourka used to play the violin on the streets of LA before it was stolen

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She eventually moved to North America in the hopes of independence and new experiences. She worked in nursing homes and restaurants before rediscovering her passion for music and started teaching it. Unfortunately, medical problems were proving to be a huge struggle for her, which is how she ended up in Los Angeles.

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Events took a turn for the worse when her $10,000 violin was stolen and destroyed. Zamourka said that the violin was the only means of income for her at that point. However, even though her instrument was gone, nobody could steal her voice and her passion for music.

Zamourka’s story & singing struck a chord with the crowd, leading people to help the songstress get back on her feet

Image credits: CBS

Since the video went viral, the phenomenal songstress became a local celebrity, drawing crowds of spectators as well as news reporters. Zamourka was also asked to sing at the opening of Little Italy in celebration of Italian heritage in Los Angeles. A GoFundMe campaign was also kicked off to help Zamourka get housing and back on her feet.


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