I've wrote a few myself. I don't consider myself a poet, but I've been writing a few recently. You can write more than one and post it, just make sure it's clear they are separate.


I want to be the one to inspire you.
And yet I see you in the mood of blues.
I want to be there, by your side, thick and thin.
Even when you're mad at me, and even when I'm sad,
I want to stick by you.
I may not be as poetic as I can be,
I may not be as attractive as I can be.
I may not be as sentimental as I can be,
or as witty.
But some day, i hope to tell you this,
and I would never wish to carry this to my grave.
Though all the world, I still choose you,
And I hope you'd choose me, too.

When I see the ocean crash
Tide against tide,
Reaching it's hands to the shore,
The peacful sound of silence.
The Seagulls crossing over bay,
the sun setting, as if it using the ocean to wave goodbye,
until the very next day.

I see your smile, bright as the sun,
I see your tears, as depressing as a lonely night,
I hear your laughter, as it is happiness
I see your face, as innocent as a baby,
And whenever I see you,
I die.
As though I am nothing,
and you aren't there,
Because your not, and I'm insane.
As though through the cloudy skys at twilight,
I'm speaking to myself,

Nothing; as though is emptiness,
Nothing; for it is void.
Nothing; for it is depression
Nothing; for this is what I feel.

The crazy may be crazy,
the sane may be sane,
the pretty may be pretty,
and the not may not,
But whenever I change,
An angle or postion,
There's a whole new perspective,
Just waiting,
For you.

Standing, waiting, and waiting again,
Alone, on a cliff, for a return
From someone you trusted, a long time ago was to say,
"Don't worry, I'll come back one day"
Waiting and waiting, never to forget who they were,
As though they forgot?
Impossible, not.
They will never forget me, and I shall wait for the day (they return).

(Check comments to see the meaning behind all of these. Please try to keep my comment at the top)


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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

The first one is a love letter. The second is trying to paint an image in the reader's head of a peaceful day at the beach. Poem number three is representing the insanity one can get from love. Poem 4 is trying to describe what depression feels like. Poem number five is talking about how if you look at something from a completely different perspective, you can see a whole new world. Poem number six is a poem about a girl whose loved one went off to war, traveling away from her, promising to come back again, but he never did. She spent the whole time waiting for her, but he forgot her. (What a jerk)

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The moon shines above the clouds
As rocky as my cat’s growls
I sleep with a sliver of light on my face
And ask myself if I’m out of place
I wonder when I can ride my bike
Oh my god please leave a like



Poem: Story In Your Eyes

I only come to you when I'm sleeping
Underneath the earth submerged by oceans
There's been so many ways to imagine
How I can make you love me
But the broken chain becomes the noose

For the story in your eyes
Is the story of yourself
Your reflection in the mirror

I always watch you when I'm dreaming
Because everything in life is not real
It's the only conscious time when it can
Let me see no one but you
But the view remains as your alloy glass

For the story in my eyes
Is the story of no one
No reflection in the mirror

I want to be in your eyes
I want to be in your story
I need you as my reflection

Why can't I see you?
Why can't I feel you?
Why can't I have you?
Why can't I be you?

Why can't you see me?
Why don't you feel me?
Why won't you love me?
Why can't you be me?


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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

A poem I wrote over a decade ago, about a desire in vain for a connection - whether emotional, spiritual, etc. - that may never happen. It could be about wanting to connect with someone, something, or even yourself.

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they say happiness will find you,
but I think sadness finds you too,
it sneaks up on you in darkness,
just when you think you've made it through,
it opens up holes in what was solid ground,
the kind you never know are there,
until you take another step,
and find your standing over air,
the world around you passes by,
in blurs of color and sound,
nothing around you is making sense,
as you continue to plummet down,
you can't remember how it started,
and you don't know when it will end,
but you know that you'd give anything,
to stand up on your feet again,
sadness is that feeling,
when the falling doesn't stop,
and it saps your life of meaning,
and all the good things that you`ve got,
so when you finally hit rock bottom,
and you look back at the sky,
what you once had seemed so far away,
the only thing left to do is cry,
people all yell out "save yourself",
calling out things about "happiness" and "hope",
but they're too busy with their lives to realize,
it`d be a lot quicker if they let down a rope.

(note: this is not my poem it is from google but I like it so I'm gonna share it)


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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

(You should write your won, but that is OK) Wow...you succeded.


I call this
The Wanderer

One day Jesse stared out
One day Jesse wondered
What if life was about
More than what he’d pondered

While he rose every morning
And got himself dressed
He never understood
What really was best

No matter how long he thought
No matter how long he looked
It didn’t matter what he bought
Or even what he’d mistook

While staring out the window
And seeing birds fly high
Knowing things need to grow
To his own world, he must say goodbye

Life is more than sitting on a shelf
Maybe even more than keeping all to yourself
It could be what we see in others
Than what we see with sisters and brothers

So off Jesse must go
Off to a world of his own
To see everything high and low
To see the world as others must know



Untitled Haiku

Faster heartbeat my
World spinning out of control,
They say I am fine


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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I got diagnosed with anxiety at one of the most stressful times of my early years, but my parents didn't believe I had anxiety.

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Roses are red
emeralds are green
just like your eyes
so green they make me feel so serene

I am scared to tell you how I feel
scared of rejection
I'm scared you'll throw me into the trash can
like a banana peel

you make my heart beat
u n s t e a d y
when you
stare at me

get a clue
or come through
I would like to be with you

I like you
but I cant tell that
your off limits
I cant keep doing this

I fall head over heels
for you
only you
forever you

- love, Star



Dogs are God

Roses are red
dogs they go woof
and mine has lots of floof
I love my pup he gives me kisses
and when I'm gone it's me he misses
my dog is my god
and my good is my dog

(I know it's goofy but I wanted to write about my dog)



“My love for you is like a river
Like a summer breeze that makes my soul shiver
One look from you is more precious than gold
Let’s go get some barbecue and get busy.”
— Raphael de la Ghetto


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The aliens came with open arms and wanted to help the animals of earth. The first caring thing that these aliens did was get rid of some parasites called humans.



dog spelled backwords is god
my dog is my god
the best boi
the goodest boi
the boi of my dreams
my collie boi
my baby boi
tho he be 13
dog spelled backwords is god
my dog is my god.

(to my rigg man.my pupper)

(i know there is anouther with dogs as god but i saw this post and i had this planed out all ready so i am sorry if you think i am coppying :(