Have you every stepped on someone or perhaps knocked a tooth out during practice? Tell me!


I once tied my little brother to a table with a bathrobe string. His tooth came out while he tried to chew himself free.


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Ok what why huh just huh what the hecking heckernoodle what i don't-


I accidentally punched my friend in the mouth once



I had a rat once. His name was Mr. Ratnip. I had to get more rat food for him, so I took him with me. I set him in front of the car to see if he wasn’t lazy and move for once in his life. Btw I was 9, so I was very smart. I took my moms keys and drove over my rat. And that’s only my 3rd time running over a rat.



last night i didn't mean to hit my sis but then she hit back so i hit back annnd the fight went like that



I nearly attacked a coworker over a joke. My manager and my sister had to stop me.



i pushed a little kid of a swing...


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My brother tied me to a tree. After I cut myself out of the ropes I filled up a water balloon with abby food and chucked it at him. Something happened to his eye.



Some guy started a fight with my friend and pushed him over. As I was trying to help him up the guy swung a massive roundhouse that connected with my shoulder, he hit bone and broke almost every finger and probably his wrist. I barely felt it and didn't even bruise! I won a fight without even taking part.