whether it is a joke, an accident, or in fact by intention, it is not always right to downright hate someone just for a thing they did. if it's a serious thing, like destroying something that took a lot of effort, I can see why you hold a grudge against the person. if it is something minor though, it's most reasonable to talk to the person at a suitable time or move on.

[my choice of words isn't the best so please don't take anything personally here :>]

also, it is advised not to use vulgar language in submissions and/or comments.


Loudly for my whole class to hear. "GO JUMP OFF A Cliff." I had been dealing with self harm....

Oh and there was this boy who said that a girl I was friends with was half Asian fro attention so yeah... Also said she was openly lgbtq for attention.

That's two on my currently extremely long list.



First day of first grade, recess. My friends boyfriend (we like barely even knew what boyfriends were lol) walked up to me and punched me in the face, I had glasses and the nose thingys pushed back and hit my open eyes, and somehow didn’t break



I'm dating my friends ex and she made a big deal about it and got mad at me and turned my whole friendgroup against me and caused me to have a panic attack and have to go home from school early
that was last thursday
i really dont understand what the big deal is? she told my girlfriend that she never loved her? and i cant control who i love? so?


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Ouch like I can see why she would be annoyed if her ex has broke up with her but if she ended it then she has no right to treat you like that I'm really sorry to hear that you had a panic attack I have friends with bad anxiety and know it can be tough

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A girl I went to school with had a really snotty attitude and thought that she was better than everyone else. She especially thought this of everyone that wasn't rich.

A guy that graduated with my mom and was a teacher at my high school thought that it was his responsibility to tell my parents that he heard my sister and I cussing.



Hm. I have two.

One is from my previous school. For some background info, we had taken a national exam the previous year where we would change our school. I had gotten into a supposedly elitist school. My "friend" then started saying that the school was trash and using harmful stereotypes on me that we are entitled brats :( then other people ganged up on me. I left that group chat.

And for the second, that's in my current school. Our science exam had just ended and I was discussing with my friends abt the answers. Some dude who was eavesdropping on our convo then started laughing loudly after he heard that I had gotten one of the questions wrong. He is practically a game addict at this point. (and i consider myself to be quite good at science)

Yeah. Sorry for ranting. P.S. my exams just ended and YAYYYYY


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Three examples of my in laws

My uncle in law. From the moment that we met he was already quite unfriendly but that xmas he gave me a while xenophohic speech about how "this is Flanders and you must speak Flemish". I was at the time 5h listening and speaking the language but I asked for translation of a sentence since I was tired and did not understand it.

My aunts in law. I need a hysterectomy because I was screwed by a doctor and now oregnancy is super dangerous for me (like big chances of dying). They argued that it is normal that thee doctors refused to do it because "you are too young to decide to not have children". I am 31yo so in 4y I would be considered "an old mum". But I am not old enough to decide to not die if I get pregnant... The irony is that they are a lesbian childless couple. I used to like them but seeing that they prefer a baby overy my life I cant feel warm towards them anymore



When someone abuses or not being kind to animals other than theirs. Could be anything and anywhere.

I saw people kick or scold stray dog who just walked around minding their own business, mainly because it got to close to them.

A couple told me that feeding strays cause them to aggressive to their dogs. A stray mainly wanted to play with their apparently spoiled, too-precious-to-touch dog. We were at public beach. I had been around longer than these people. The strays had been around longer than me.

Pletora of stupidity seen when I scuba dive. Divers harassing animals for the sake of pictures, destroying corals, chasing after them.
One time a diver attempted to put a juvenille clown fish inside their mask for the sake of a picture.


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