If you didn’t know already, Hatchimals are sort of like Furbies, and they’re the hottest kid’s toy of the holiday season. But unlike Furbies, these ones say “Fuck Me” in their sleep. That, at least, is what a number of concerned parents are alleging, and having watched the video below, we can kind of see what they mean.

Hatchimals, as you may or may not have guessed, start out as an egg before hatching after 20-40 minutes of petting and shaking (because that’s how you get eggs to hatch. Obviously). They speak their own language made up of apparently random sounds, but once it’s hatched you can teach it to talk, much like a real child. Some people think the little critter in the video below is simply saying “huge me”. What do you think?

Hatchimals might look cute, but the things they say aren’t quite so innocent!

Some parents are concerned that the furry little critters say “fuck me” in their sleep. What do you think?

Spin Master, the makers of Hatchimals, have had to extended their customer service capacity due to the number of complaints about the foul-mouthed toys