Potterheads assemble! Mundane parties and gatherings can be a bit of a bore for us who have delved into the realms of magic. So, to rid us of our boredom on such occasions, a group of our fellow Potterheads has created a Cards Against Humanity style Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles game, and it’s perfectly riddikulus!

What is the Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles Game?

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Cards Against Muggles game mirrors the greatest bestselling card game of all time, Cards Against Humanity. Much like the original, the Harry Potter version tackles many NSFW topics. The game is strictly for adult players (17+ years of age) only, so you wouldn’t want to take it out in family gatherings. 

It includes phrases like “drawing Severus Snape like one of your French girls,” “getting baked with the super strong enchanted wizard weed,” and “Remus Lupins’ time of the month.” It sure won’t do any good for the minor fans to hear this about their beloved Harry Potter characters.

Cards Against Muggles consists of 1,440 playing cards, with 990 white answer cards and 450 black question cards. It’s sold as a physical version and an online downloadable PDF version. This means users who purchase the PDF version will have to print the deck themselves. The good news is they won’t have to wait for shipping.

How to Play Cards Against Muggles?

The Cards Against Muggles game has the same rules as the original one. It requires a minimum of 4 players and can last up to 90 minutes or less. Here’s how you play it.

  • Once everyone is cozily settled and ready to play, choose a judge for the first round.
  • The judge will distribute 10 white cards to all players except themselves. 
  • Then, the judge will pick a black card and read out the question.
  • All the other players have to pick a white answer card from the 10 cards that they have and give it to the judge. The players should remember to select the funniest answer to the question.
  • After collecting all the cards, the judge will shuffle them and read out the answers one by one. Then, he will pick the one he found the funniest, and the person who submitted that card will be the winner of that round. He will be given the black card.
  • For every round, the judge role will shift to the person sitting on the right side of the previous judge.
  • Ultimately, the person with the most black cards is the winner of the Cards Against Muggles game.

Funny R-Rated Examples From the Harry Potter Card Game

Being an adult game, Cards Against Muggles does not disappoint when it comes to R-rated topics. Brace yourself to explore some of the darkest elements and funniest puns from the Harry Potter universe and tap into the magic humor. Here are a few examples to give you a gist of what the Harry Potter card game is all about!

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and…

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After Months of Practicing Magic, I think I’m Finally Ready for…

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“Why Weren’t You in Potions?” Asked Ron. “…” Harry Replied

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Quirrell is Hiding…under His Turban


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Acceptable Pets at Hogwarts Include Cats, Owls, and…

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Dumbledore was in Love With…

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…will be Teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts


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Expelliarmus! Are You Ready to Be Disarmed by Dark Humor? 

Now that you have seen the examples, you will know why we don’t recommend playing Cards Against Muggles for family gatherings. But with Potterhead friends, it is the perfect boredom buster. Let dark humor Slyther-in to your gatherings for a Siriusly riddikulus time while playing the Harry Potter card game!

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FAQs About Cards Against Muggles

Is Cards Against Muggles a Real Game?

Yes, it is a real game. Cards Against Muggles online game is sold in a physical or digital PDF version, which you must download and print.

Is Cards Against Muggles Good?


If you are a Potterhead, Cards Against Muggles is not only good, but it is the best Harry Potter card game.

Who Created Cards Against Muggles?

Die-hard Harry Potter fans have created Cards Against Muggles.

What Age Should You Be to Play Cards Against Muggles?

You have to be above 17 years of age to play Cards Against Muggles.

Does Cards Against Muggles Have a Secret Card?

No. Unlike the original Cards Against Humanity game, Cards Against Muggles has no secret card.