Concrete walls, barren landscapes, and cardboard boxes. All of that sounds rather bleak, for us adults. But no matter the economic situation, no matter the surroundings and the cultural background kids will always find ways to have fun by using their wild imagination. No need for computers and smartphones, TVs, and entertainment – these children prove that life can always be amusing. Their wild ingenuity and marvelous childhood moments, when captured on camera by talented photographers, can make for truly magic photos. These images we collected will convince you that childhood can be wonderful no matter where you go or where children play.

Many in the Western world fear that technology is making today’s children lose touch with nature and with their own creativity. While there are arguments to be made for the intellectual stimulation that apps and programs for children can bring, there’s also something to be said for simply kids playing with a stick in the mud or chasing dandelion seeds through an open meadow. It seems that all of the world is a kids’ fun zone.

For better or worse, the children in these photos seem entirely content making their own fun. For us adults, it’s important not to let our world-weary and jaded experience stifle our childish hopefulness and imagination! Scroll down through our compilation of these loveable kids photos, and you just might feel like one of them again.


Image credits: Ipoenk Graphic

Image credits: Agoes Antara

Image credits: I Gede Lila Kantiana

Image credits: Gede Lila Kantiana


Image credits: Светлана Квашина

Image credits: Elena Shumilova

Burkina Faso

Image credits: Òscar Tardío


Image credits: Chan Kwok Hung


Image credits: Damon Lynch


Image credits: Sandee Pachetan

Image Credits: Sudharsan Ravikumar

Image credits: Mukund Images


Image Credits: HT KëñShï


Image credits: Terry White


Image credits: Elika Hunt


Image credits: Sarawut Intarob

Image credits: Sarawut Intarob

Image credits: Sarawut Intarob

South Africa

Image credits: Muhammed Muheisen



Image credits: Enrique Castro-Mendivil


Image credits: Csilla Zelko


Image credits: Michael Potyomin


Image credits: Dima Vazinovich


Image credits: Jake Olson

Indonesia #2

Image credits: Rio Rinaldi Rachmatullah

Image credits: James Khoo

Image credits: Hendrik Priyanto

Image Credits: Mio Cade


Image credits: Elena Simona Craciun


Image credits: Elena Shumilova