Can't wait until December to pull out your Christmas tree? We've got a solution for you: Halloween Christmas trees.

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Yep, you read that correctly. Apparently, Halloween Christmas trees are becoming the new festive trend right now and people are going crazy about them! Instead of waiting until December to cover their trees in candy canes and sparkly snowflakes, people are pulling out the Christmas trees in October and decorating them with skulls, pumpkins, and even witch's hats. Check out some spooky Christmas trees below or add your own pic to the list!


Halloween Christmas Trees


| TheArtAddict | 11 months ago

This is so... SPOOOKAAYYY!!!

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Halloween Christmas Trees

burtny_reynolds Report

Laura Ingles. 11 months ago

This looks it's more for Halloween then the rest....

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Halloween Christmas Trees

rovecomatose Report

Jamal W 11 months ago

I would do this.... forget... & scare the hell out of myself every time i enter the room bwahah