All’s fair in love and war – we all have different techniques that get us through fights with our significant others and for one Twitter user his is photo editing. Instead of shouting, storming out or saying mean things user @Tgflx1 takes a more humorous approach when he gets mad. He Photoshops either a big forehead or a huge one on his girlfriend depending on the level of mad she’s in. It’s also a good thing that she herself finds these funny pictures with her huge forehead even more hilarious.

In a thread, he shared multiple before and after photos, he had edited and uploaded when he was mad at his partner – and the results are truly hilarious jokes (hopefully to her as well). Renowned relationship psychologist John Gottman says that couples who use humor during a conflict are often more successful in the long run than couples who don’t. Judging on this funny boyfriend’s fighting tactics we think they might be able to stand the test of time.

Twitter user shared that when his girlfriend makes him mad he edits her photos

Image credits: Tgflx1

Image credits: Tgflx1

Researchers found that those couples who tease each other and make good-natured funny jokes about each other have the strongest relationships. It was discovered over the course of 39 studies that involved over 15,000 people and lasted for more than 30 years. But there are two things to keep in mind when applying this strategy, or else miscommunication could occur. The first is that it is important that the couple has a shared sense of humor. One of the researchers, Hall, noted that humor is a wide concept, so not everyone has the same idea of what is funny.

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Image credits: Tgflx1

Couples with a shared sense of humor have stronger relationships. The second thing is that humor should “provide life to a relationship, inspire laughter, and lighten problems.” Going too far to the point of mean jokes about one another using sarcasm, repetition, or mocking, is unhealthy. “Having an aggressive sense of humor is a bad sign for the relationship,” stated Hall.

Turns out he wasn’t the only person who had fun with their significant other’s photos

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People in the comments found the edits thoroughly amusing