In reverse ‘Bridesmaids’ one bachelorette party guest is getting dragged on the internet for a list of ridiculously strict rules she created for the other attendees. Unlike Megan in everyone’s favorite hen party rom-com, she didn’t suggest the girls do anything as wild as start their own fight club, but the exact opposite. The party rules – sent out in an email – was instructions on how to keep the weekend as wholesome and frankly dull, as possible.

The screenshots were posted online and as you can imagine people were in shock at the militant-style instructions for a weekend in ‘Sin City.’ (Facebook cover image: Bob Dass)

Image credits: Viv Lynch (not the actual photo)

The Vegas party story was initially posted by the user Ursula on Reddit. She explained that the buzzkill, ‘Taylor,’ hadn’t even been given her party invitation originally because she was such a “downer,” and because while they were sorority sisters in college, they had never actually been friends. According to the post, the bride, ‘Emma,’ was guilted into inviting her to the wedding and then the bachelorette celebrations.

Well, Emma found out the hard way just how big of a mistake it was to invite her sorority sister after all the girls on the guest list were emailed the following list of Christian life “moral codes” to uphold to “keep us all out of trouble” – because who would want that?

To keep everyone “aligned with the church,” she went ahead and did some research so the group could attend services after their trip in “Sin City.” While her list was designed to keep anyone from getting too crazy, she explained church would be “a nice way to cleanse us of our sins.” It’s hard to imagine there would be much sinning as the next part of the list clarified there would be no hard liquor, no sex in or around the suite, and of course no random men. In motherly fashion, she said she would provide groceries for the room so each girl should venmo her in advance to contribute. And in case you thought they would be consuming anything other than snacks, she gave a stringent no drugs policy, including Adderall.

People in the comments agreed the list warranted an un-invite