For some of us, seeing bad grammar on the Internet can be infuriating. If you consider yourself a staunch defender of English grammar or know someone who does, you'll love these fun grammar-nerd gifts.

Be sure to upvote your favorite gift ideas and add any new ones if you have them. Most of them can be purchased through the links under the images!

#1 Funny Grammar Poster

Funny Grammar Poster Report

EdSheeranIsBae 3 years ago

My English teacher has this up in her class x,D

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#2 Grammar Nerd Mug

Grammar Nerd Mug Report

Mhairi Wade 1 year ago

My sisters birthday is in April. This is perfect!! Where can I get it?

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#3 Coasters For Grammar Lover

Coasters For Grammar Lover Report

Randomperson 3 years ago

I want this

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#4 Commas Save Lives T-shirt

Commas Save Lives T-shirt Report

MariaMcLeod 3 years ago


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#5 Greeting Card

Greeting Card Report

VivienCollins 3 years ago

Actually, I usually find those with the weakest argument also tend to have the poorest grammar....

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#6 English-Teacher-Inspired Coffee Mug

English-Teacher-Inspired Coffee Mug Report

NathalieCowanNoland 3 years ago

Yep that's me and I would love that mug :D

#7 Grammar Owl T-shirt

Grammar Owl T-shirt Report

crlfl 3 years ago

Obviously, the author doesn't know the difference between a subject and an object within a sentence.

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#8 Grammar Nazi Notebook

Grammar Nazi Notebook Report

DariaB 3 years ago

Actually, I don't like this one. I don't like the "grammar nazi" term. One should be grateful when corrected, and be more careful about the language. "Nazi grammar" kind of tells you it's rude, cruel and unneccessary to protect your own language at all. And it also derides the terrible experience of mass suffering from either Jews or any other people who suffered because of nazis, and still do because of neo-nazis.

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#9 Grammar Teacup Set

Grammar Teacup Set Report

dondestasamboga 3 years ago

in spanish there's something similar: Ahí=there, hay= there is/are, ay= ouch... and so much people who can't tell the difference

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#10 I Enjoy Eating My Cat Mug

I Enjoy Eating My Cat Mug Report