It’s already very difficult to resist your cat and not to turn it into a chonky, round ball, but on top of that, clever pets seem to find their unique ways and learn new tricks to get what they want, and that makes it even harder. Meet Master Poe Poe (should have called him a Master of Manipulation) who has the talent to take all his treats and probably yours, too. This eight-month-old ginger furball does a spot-on impression of Shrek’s famous Puss in Boots’ innocent face. He nails the iconic wide sad eyes and even the pose with his paws and it works every time.

We bet you wouldn’t be able to resist the cuteness!

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Master Poe Poe does his best Puss in Boots impression whenever he wants something

Image credits: dreamworks, masterpoepoe

Image credits: masterpoepoe

Deborah De Asis from The Netherlands noticed her cat doing the heart-wrenching face a month ago when she was holding a pack of treats. Now, the cat is smart enough to repeat this trick every opportunity he gets. The owner told Bored Panda he does the impression every time she goes to the kitchen where his treats are: “I try to resist giving him a lot as he’s getting a little fat.”

Image credits: masterpoepoe

Image credits: masterpoepoe

“We adopted him when he was 8 weeks old. He’s very playful, sweet, and clingy. He likes cuddles, he cries every morning until we wake up and give him attention. He likes to lay in his bowl. He is very expressive and has lots of facial expressions.”

This is what Master Poe Poe looks like when he doesn’t need anything from you

Image credits: masterpoepoe

The adorable real-life Puss in Boots got famous on TikTok when his owner documented the Oscar-deserving performance in a viral video that got 146.9k views and hundreds of wholesome comments demanding to give Master Poe Poe what he wants immediately.

“Before I posted that video, I only had a few hundred followers so I didn’t expect it at all. People love him! there are over 600 comments about how cute he is,” Deborah said.

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Here’s how people on TikTok reacted to the cat’s performance:

Seems like there is a lot more content coming for people who are already obsessed with Master Poe Poe as he makes lots of faces.

“He makes a disgusted face when he smells human food, even fish. I let him smell them just for fun as I like his reaction. He throws a tantrum when I let him out of the bedroom. When he’s mad, he hides behind the door and jumps out at me. He likes to play hide and seek and peekaboo. He makes this little ‘prrr’ sound when I find his hiding place. He is also obsessed with my boyfriend. He waits for him all day and cries happily when my bf opens the door. He cries every morning for his cuddles and he really wraps his paws around his neck to hug him tighter.”