Ukraine can get pretty hot in the summer and pretty cold in winter, but whatever the season, it’s always raining for this sculpture in Kiev.

The 6-foot tall bronze and glass statue is called Rain and it’s the creation of Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk. The work can be interpreted in various ways, but as explained by Bilyk, the primary meaning behind the sculpture lies in man’s relationship with the elements. “Chiefly, it is dedicated to the inner dialogue of a man with himself,” said the artist. “It expresses interrogation of a man in search of senses, unanswered lifetime questions. That’s why the man is holding his head up. The raindrop is a symbol of the dialogue which connects a man with a whole diversity of life forms.” The sculpture is one of a series of ten, and you can find it in Peysazhna Alley (Landscape Alley) at Kiev Fashion Park.

More info: Nazar Bilyk (h/t: mymodernmet)