June is LGBTQ Pride Month – but not everyone wants to join the parade. In fact, a group of three conservative men associated with the group “Super Happy Fun America” want to have a separate celebration of their own – the “Straight Pride Parade,” an unsubtle dig at the LGBTQ tradition.

To be held in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, their website says they are “committed to creating spaces for people of all identities to embrace the vibrancy of the straight community.” In response to this ‘vibrant’ planned event, Brooklyn-based actor, writer, and comedian Eva Victor took to Twitter to share a hilarious parody video of her explaining to her boyfriend why they had to go to Straight Pride as she frantically prepares for it. The video has since gone viral with 92,183 retweets and 319,947 likes.

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Comedian Eva Victor took to Twitter to respond to the call for a “Straight Pride Parade” with a hilarious parody video

Victor is seen in the video “addressing her boyfriend,” excitedly telling him that it is time to pack his bags because they are going to “Straight Pride.”

In the next shot, she appears to be responding to his question asking, “What is Straight Pride?” Many people were confused by the idea as Gay Pride is a celebration of visibility and overcoming adversity – something straight people don’t deal with.


She continues on and explains that the event will be a group celebration of straight people celebrating, well, being straight.

No rainbows and sequins, just some jeans and flats is all that is needed at this event.

Taking a jab at the organizers and supporters, she highlights the absurdity of Straight Pride because 364 days of the year “they have unbelievable unspoken privilege.”


Adding that with their new and exciting holiday, they would get ONE day to celebrate that.

I mean, come on. It makes total sense, right?


Doubling down on the comedy bit, she even adds some tears for effect, highlighting just how hard it is to be born feeling absolutely different from nobody.

Watch the full video here

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