While thinking over my art and having decided in favor of caricatures for celebrities, I’ve chosen not the common drawings, but those you can touch and twist in your hands. All of us have been dreaming to touch a star, haven’t we?
There is another feature distinguishing my caricature sculptures from the others. They are created with help of my unique technique – all the colors in my sculptures are achieved without help of any paints. Each part and detail are made of polymer clay of its certain original color.
Sculptures become hard as plastic after being exposed to thermal treatment. The effect of durability is enhanced by the metal skeleton inside each of them. The height of each sculpture is about 20cm.
Before starting a new character I look through dozens of his images at various angles in order to capture the essence of his original nature. The creative process takes about two weeks. I really enjoy my work and I hope that my characters will make you smile.

More info: vinersculptures.com

Jack Nicholson

From Shawshank with love

Hugh Laurie with a new diagnosis

Mamma mia it’s Meryl!

Die Hard on guard

This is a caricature of the hypnotic Christopher

Jack walks in his pajamas

Nicolas in doubt: to beat or not to beat

Want to fight with Ali?

The devil’s advocate

Sly is still in good shape

Vincent – Travolta, let’s twist!

The immigrant…

All the stars together

A good picture for paparazzi.