It’s rare that run-ins with the police are ever under good circumstances. Even if you’re a law-abiding citizen, things like traffic stops can be full of stress and anxiety that prompt us to let out a sigh of relief once it’s done. However, there are certain occasions when witnessing policemen in action can be a rather fun experience. The latter is exactly what happened to one St. Louis resident who happened to catch a glimpse of a police chase and decided to make the encounter fun.

Imgur user under the name “mblackcatman” shared a funny encounter with the police he had while practicing his guitar playing skills. “I’ve been playing for 30+ years,” he mentioned in his retelling. While strumming the string to his favorite tune, the man heard a scuffle outside and realized the police were involved. “I live in a pretty dangerous area of the #1 murder capital city in America,” the man explained, suggesting such a situation wasn’t a rarity in his neighborhood.

One man recently shared a humorous story about an incident he had involving police

The man went on to detail the encounter, revealing that the police was after his neighbor. “[I] see one of my neighbors running down the back of my hill with 3 deputies and one state trooper 40yrds behind and gaining,” he explained. Instead of keeping an eye on the chase, mblackcatman decided to add some fun into it and picked up his guitar once again.

Image credits: Maxpixel (not the actual photo)

“So I started playing the theme to cops, A minor then C major and back,” the man elaborated on his actions. The policemen responded to the background music, one being “pissed” at the guitarist, while the other was quite amused. “I told them I was giving them a little ambience for the chase they were in,” the original poster added.

Image credits: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious (not the actual photo)

Turns out, he wasn’t the only person witnessing the entire situation as some neighbors later approached him. “Said that was one of the funniest thing he ever heard,” the man commented.

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