We have featured Minnesota illustrator Ben Hed’s work before here on Bored Panda, laughing along with his imaginings of animals flirting like humans, and featuring his wildly popular comic creations Pixie and Brutus. His Pet Foolery Instagram page, featuring “goofy little comics” that feature various types of animals, has really taken off, with the success of Pixie and Brutus in particular pushing him close to 1 million followers.

The contrast between Pixie, a sweet, naive kitten who Ben describes as “joyful and energetic,” and gruff, cynical former military dog Brutus is the secret to the pair’s popularity. They have all kinds of adventures, with Pixie’s enthusiastic bumblings bringing despair to the serious and sometimes grumpy Brutus. He has a real soft spot for her though, and will do anything to protect her!  “Honestly, Pixie and Brutus were just another random comic idea I had while at work,” Ben told us. “I was never planning on making them a series, I just thought it would be a funny idea to introduce a cute little kitten to a big intimidating war dog. So I made the first Pixie and Brutus comic, and people liked it so much I just kept making them.”

And he is still making them today! Scroll down to see the latest batch of this adorable series, and let us know what you think in the comments!