They say that if you find a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Sure, it’s a bit over-romanticized, as no job is ideal, but there is some truth to the saying.

Except if you’re a designer who has had it with your job and you just landed a project to create in-flight safety cards that you just don’t care about any more. Well, the flight company who supposedly had to double-check the final results didn’t care either.

People on Twitter are now finding hilarious illustrations on the safety cards provided in their flights and sharing them online. Both the images and the comments are priceless. Here are some of the best ones.

It all started with Twitter user @overdesigned posting this beauty

Image credits: overdesigned

People immediately started posting the supposed model for the illustration

Image credits: stabpossum

Image credits: Jazzahol

Image credits: FantomasCinema

And if people weren’t seeing a resemblance, they were still making fun

Image credits: Braddock512

Image credits: ParadoxyIntent

Image credits: MisophonicSpree

Others started sharing their own experiences with safety cards, including this one with Willy Wonka

Image credits: BadPunElephant

Image credits: DavidDaibarry70

Then there was the child who was maturing a bit too fast for his age


Image credits: soylentgreen87

Image credits: anomiseditrix

Image credits: ribaldette

Image credits: StrangerAunty

Image credits: Stempdizz

Image credits: ActualLiam

The baby that’s a bit out of proportion…

Image credits: StevenJamesHyde

Here’s another great example of just bad baby drawing…

Image credits: toastyrabbit

Apparently, Hillary Clinton is also featured in a flight safety pamphlet

Image credits: KateWistner

Turns out this designer doesn’t know how to draw a hand

Image credits: LinneaBodn

This designer didn’t even bother to draw clothes on the passengers

Image credits: dean__win

There were also people who stepped in to explain the context behind these hilarious fails

Image credits: j_jadx

Image credits: NonTrotski

Here are some other visual gems from flight safety manuals around the world…

What Did Furby Do To Get Banned?


This Looks Like Taken Straight Out Of An IKEA Manual

Image credits: ICELANDAIR B757-300 SAFETY CARD

She’s Just Angry Because There’s Gonna Be No In-Flight Movie

Image Credits: Grumman G-73T

Willy Wonka Is Making A Cameo In Another One Of The Safety Cards

Image Credits: Unknown

The Designer Bothered To Illustrate An Adult, But Lacked Inspiration For The Kid

Image Credits: Airbus A-319

“Remember To Stay Sad When Inflating Your Life Vest”

Image Credits: Unknown

What’s Up With His Hands And Those Lines On His Pants?

Image Credits: LET-410

At This Rate, The Kid Will Drown In His Own Vest Before He Does In Actual Water

Image Credits: Airbus A-330

Truly Romance Is Not Dead In This Flight Safety Card

Image Credits: JetBlue A320 Safety Card

Don’t Think Anybody Would Be Happy Tied Up After An Oceanic Plane Crash

Image Credit: Unknown

The Inflation Tube Looks Like A Straw Used For Cocktails


This Suggestive Entry In A Fight Safety Card…

Image Credit: Boeing 737-500

What are you experiences of in-flight safety? Let us know in the comments below!