Jeff Wysaski, public prankster extraordinaire, is at it again with a new series of hilarious bookshop pranks from his critically acclaimed “Obvious Plant” fake publishing company. After planting fake book store sections, he has now planted self-help books with fake covers for unsuspecting shoppers to discover as they browse the aisles of an unnamed bookstore in West Hollywood.

The books are just fake covers placed on old used books, but it makes you wish he’d write a book just to see what he’d say about dealing with children who are centaurs.

Read on for Wysaski’s answers to Bored Panda’s questions about his work!

More info: | Tumblr | Twitter (h/t: obviousplant)

“I actually got the idea while doing a different plant, Better Book Store Sections,” Jeff Wysaski told Bored Panda. “While scouting and putting up signs for that prank, I thought of the idea to create some funny parody books”

They were up for about a day. A few people who saw them online guessed which bookstore they were at (Book Soup). Apparently, one of them pointed the books out to the staff and that’s how they became aware of them

“The employees actually loved them…I’m told they are now on display with an asking price of $7 million per book”

Thank you, Jeff Wysaski, for telling Bored Panda more about your hilarious project!