Once I tried training my dog some patience by putting a slice of cheese on his nose. That didn’t go very well because the cheese was eaten right away, and with it went my training skills. That’s why I admire Jen Gillen, a woman of patience, and her dog Scout, who could blow any circus poodle off the stage with his master balancing skills. On her Tumblr, Stuff On Scout’s Head, Gillen posts pictures of, you guessed it, Scout balancing things on his head.

Scout can hold a laptop, a bucket of paint or even a vase on his head. He is so well-trained that not even a slice of pizza or a pyramid of burgers can distract him. Jen says that Scout doesn’t get to eat any of the featured foods unless, of course, it’s the kibble or bone that he gets for performing his trick. So what’s the next challenge for Scout and his flat and balanced head? Keep track by following him on Tumblr. If you submit a suggestion, you might even wind up seeing it balanced on his head!

Source: stuffonscoutshead.com