No idea where this phenomenon came from but cats love the bathroom and especially when underwear is flying around! Especially the examples below, these guys are loving the "underwear hammock" idea and enjoying themselves while you take the time to scroll through Facebook and do your thing.

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Got Cats? Want a private moment? HELL NO! Why do cats do this? The mystery still remains....

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#5 Hellooooo..... I See You.....

Hellooooo..... I See You.....

Tony the Cat sitting comfortably in Pants in the briefs of his master. He loves the bathroom! More stories and adventures of Tony the British ShortHair cat on LittleBrookRoad #HeHoLetsGo Report

2 years ago

miaow miaow

#8 .... Omg... Whats That Hanging There!?

.... Omg... Whats That Hanging There!? Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

I've never had a cat so just wondering... do cats play with that "dangling toy"?

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