When Lucas Turnbloom and his wife rescued a sweet but rambunctious little cat back in 2017, their lives changed forever. Now, Lucas’ adorable black and white ‘How To Cat’ comics, which are loosely based on the adventures of Sweetie the cat, have become a global hit and we’ve fallen in love with the cute but crazy feline.

The artist revealed that his comics started out as an inside joke between him and his wife. However, she insisted that he put the illustrations up on the net for everyone to enjoy. Things took off from there!

When you’re done upvoting and enjoying Lucas’ newest comics, check out his previous posts on Bored Panda right here, as well as here. Happy scrolling!

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Lucas and his wife found Sweetie at a shelter after she had been in and out of several homes. According to the artist, it took the cat around a month to open up and relax around her new owners.

According to Lucas, Sweetie is, well, a very sweet cat. However, she can also get a bit crazy with her shenanigans. Fortunately, it’s a positive thing. It brings a lot of joy to the artist and his family. What’s more, the catto is a constant inspiration for Lucas’ comics.

“I’m so happy people have found joy in this silly little comic. I hope to continue it for years to come,” Lucas said earlier about his desire to keep on drawing and making all of us cat and humor-lovers happy for as long as possible.


Before “How To Cat” took off, Lucas was mostly known for his Scholastic graphic novel series ‘Dream Jumper.’ You can check out the first volume right here.

Lucas considers himself to be an artist, cartoonist, illustrator, author, and guitarist. He, his wife, two sons, and Sweetie all live in San Diego, in Southern California. 

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Every time! Or if we sit on the floor to play a board game, she's all over it and us (oh this must be cardboard square cat patting time!)

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How To Cat Shares stats

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