Niagara falls are a spectacular place to visit at any time of year, however in winter, especially seriously cold winters like North America is currently experiencing, they are truly a breathtaking sight.

While the bitter temperatures have caused chaos in some areas and affected the New Year’s plans of millions, one upside to the big chill is the raw beauty of nature. Many areas of the falls have frozen, forming huge, elaborately shaped ice formations dangling precariously on the rocks, giving the impression of a Narnia-like winter fantasy land.

You can scroll down below to check out some of the gorgeous pictures for yourself, they make you feel cold just looking at them!


Horseshoe Falls

Igor Ilyutkin Report

Dee 11 months ago

Wow, straight out of fairytale book!

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Fire And Ice

punkodelish Report

Birdgirl45 11 months ago

Wow it looks like coral! That is sublime!

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One Last Photo From My Recent Visit At Niagara Falls. It’s A Place I Enjoyed Visiting, I Went Under The Falls, Spent Time With The Butterflies And Visited The Indoor Flower Garden While Of Course Walking Along The Seawall Of The Falls! I’m Always Looking For Something Different To Capture And This Is The One Shot I Preferred The 3 Elements Of Ice Water And The Sun Completed The Composition. Hope You Like It. 😀

rolandbast Report

Nancy E 11 months ago

Beautifully composed shot!

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Beautiful Cold Scenes At Niagara Falls Today - Simply Breathtaking 😱❄️♥️🇨🇦

abitesta Report

Megan 11 months ago

Omg!!!! Soooooooooooo gorgeous!!!

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A Frozen Paradise ❄️❄️❄️

arjsun Report

Ian Rispin 11 months ago

When your house freezes over.

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Continuing With Our Winter Enjoyment, We Went To Niagara Falls Today. Due To The Extreme Cold, The Ice Formations Were Incredible! I Think I Prefer The Beauty Of The Falls In The Winter More Than In The Summer. Here Are Some Of My Favourite Shots. .

arayeremian Report

Hope Floats 11 months ago

Nature's own Christmas decorations... Beautiful..

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10 Degrees Fahrenheit Makes For Some Really Cool Ice Around Niagara Falls

adamrdanni Report

Rosemary Pahl-Palmer 11 months ago

It a tourist walkway. This is where they wear raincoats and walk up stairs to see the falls closer in the summer. I'm 30 minutes from there.

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Frozen Niagara Falls

harish7470 Report

Elise 11 months ago

woahh 😮

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Decoraram A Luminária Com Algodão, Igual A Gente Fazia Na Árvore De Natal Quando Criança.... 🤔🤔

jrbello711 Report

Rappenwolf 11 months ago

The lamppost from Narnia.

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Though Known For Its Hundreds Of Acres Of Lush Terrain And Trails Conducive To Hiking, Niagara Falls State Park Boasts Equally Stunning Views Even As Temperatures Drop And Crowds Thin. Right Now, The Falls Are Completely Coated In Ice — And Absolutely Jaw-Dropping. More Than 3,000 Tons Of Water Flows Over The Falls Every Second. Sometimes The Ice Over The Niagara River At The Base Of The Falls Gets So Thick That People Have Been Known To Build Concession Stands Across It Or Walk Back And Forth Between The U.s. And Canada. Photos By Aaron Lynett/the Canadian Press Via Ap

washingtonpost Report

The Alchemist 11 months ago

And people say magic doesn't exist.

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