As for many things, the idea of Kitchen suspension Project came to me by chance, for reasons of time, family, needs, the kitchen is the area that I live the most. I thought about talking of a physical place, in a simple way, and making its basic daily purpose, a set. But not a set where you cook, but where things that inhabit it, have a life of their own, almost as if they took a place of their own, a place of entertainment, of course.

Obviously, to create these images, there's a great work of post production. Every photograph has a different process behind it, that first of all, depends on the subject. What I can say is that every object that you see floating was captured in the exact spot it was.

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Pascale Duthel 1 year ago

I want to learn how to do this


Haunted Cherries


Christine Forones 1 year ago

wingardium leviosa!




John Kuki 2 years ago

I believe this picture gives away a part of the trick. Check out the shadows on the table.

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