Adelina Gareeva may only be in university, but her skills are already developing at a rapid rate. She makes incredibly detailed freehand sketches of various architectural designs and is nearing 25k followers on Instagram.

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The student from Kazan, Russia, is well-traveled, and often sketches landmarks from countries she has visited - her Italian scenes will make you swoon. She shows remarkable attention to detail and dimension, giving her designs a centered and realistic feel.

She also happens to be a model. Is there anything this girl does that isn't aesthetic? Be sure to follow her progress on Instagram.

More info: Instagram

#1 Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Adelina Gareeva Report

Inurri 1 year ago

Just... Whoa... So. Many. Lines.

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#2 Pantheon, Paris

Pantheon, Paris

Adelina Gareeva Report

Luis Milian 1 year ago

perspectives....hate them...but love them

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#5 Fantasy Architecture Concept

Fantasy Architecture Concept

Adelina Gareeva Report

Dirty Me 1 year ago

I'm just feeling sleepy when even i watch on it,How did it be done?

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