Flopstarter unveils a series of twisted inventions which would never appear on Kickstarter. Imagined by writer Oli Frost as a platform for bad ideas, Flopstarter also offers its visitors a chance to submit their concepts. The inventions can even be backed with real money.

More info: flopstarter.oliandjosie.com

#1 Natural Death Beef

Natural Death Beef

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Elizabeth Lazorchak 3 months ago

That is not a bad idea I would like Eaton meat more if it had died naturally

#4 Nytol Lattes

Nytol Lattes

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Just a man 3 months ago

Isn't that called decaf?

#6 15 Second Meals

15 Second Meals

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makki 3 months ago

i'd buy this just for the laughs