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15 Clever Fitness and Yoga Advertisements
User submission
Advertising11 years ago

15 Clever Fitness and Yoga Advertisements

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Shanghai, China

If you are into healthy living and guerrilla marketing, this post is a perfect combination of both of them. So, without further ado, we want to show you 15 most creative Fitness and Yoga Advertising examples.

2. YKM Shopping Bag: Jump Rope

Agency: TBWA, Istanbul

3. Y+ Yoga Center: Clock

Advertising Agency: Lem, Shanghai, China

4. Fitness

Advertising Agency: Publicis Frankfurt | Creative Direction: Gert Maehnicke

5. This Way to Karma

Advertising Agency: Rethink Communications, Canada

6. Bootcamps Australia: Bed

Art Director: Steve Pollock | Copywriter: Todd Wild | Photographer: Skeet Booth

7. Personal Trainer: Stretchy Business Card

If you want to see the text on this business card, you have to do a little stretching exercise – it’s like a warm up before going to Poul Nielsen. (link)

8. Zhangbei Fitness

Advertising Agency: Guangdong Advertising, Beijing, China

9. Silberman’s Fitness Center

Advertising Agency: unknown

10. Oxygo Gym: Long Time, No See?

Advertising Agency: 2008scandinavia, Oslo, Norway

11. Yoga One: Get Stretchy

If you have stretchy fingers you can make this girl do wonders! (Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade)

12. Powerhouse Gym

Advertising School: Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, USA

13. Fitness Company

Advertising Agency: unknown

14. Business Card For Fitness Trainer

Zohra Mouhetta helps you strip away your belly! (Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

15. Fitness & Spa: Abs of Bricks

Advertising Agency: unknown


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