I am Berlin based Indian artist, illustrator and storyteller, last week while working on a technical drawing of a "bicycle wheel" I saw the form of a bicycle in the dawing instruments, so I arranged it a little and took some photographs. Later I added a few more elements to it digitally and then I made another one with things from my work table, this time I added a human figure to it, and then another one from the things in the tool box ....and then another one.... so in the last four days every corner of my house has been raided to find things that can be turned into bicycles....to the extent that my wife's a little annoyed. Here are some of the outcome of this indulgence.

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#1 Velodrom


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john 1 year ago

Allen, this is really excellent work; your story above reminds me of the supposed origins of the Da Vinci bicycle, now known to be hoax, but apparently the drawing was inspired by a random circle and some lines on the back of one of his manuscripts. I also like your work because it reminds me of Kandinski (eg Composition VIII, 1923), because I was once a technical draughtsman, and because I love little bits and pieces and finding uses for them - I think you must have an interesting house! Of course being crazy about bicycles goes without saying. Thanks for sharing your creations.

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#2 Bmx


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#3 Fun


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#4 The Handworkers Bike

The Handworkers Bike

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#5 Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife

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#6 Cups, Spoons And Fork

Cups, Spoons And Fork

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#7 Nail Clipper, Safety Pins Etc.

Nail Clipper, Safety Pins Etc.

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#8 I "Saw" A Bike

I "Saw" A Bike

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#9 Wood Work

Wood Work

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#10 Finally The Fridge Was Raided.

Finally The Fridge Was Raided.

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#11 This Is Where It All Started

This Is Where It All Started

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