What’s important is loving yourself as you are, aiming for your goals, and enjoying life to the fullest. That’s the philosophy of KSDK News meteorologist and reporter Tracy Hinson, who became the target of a fat shaming outburst by an angry viewer.

The viewer fat shamed Hinson by saying that she should wear clothes that would cover the ‘bulge’ in her stomach when she’s on TV. Hinson responded and shut the criticism down with a snappy comeback.

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A viewer fat shamed newscaster Tracy Hinson

The reporter had an epic comeback and demanded an end to fat shaming

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The discontented viewer’s remarks show that fat shaming is still prevalent in some parts of the world and hasn’t been replaced by calm, constructive, and supportive discussions. Instead of a rational debate, the viewer chose to vent their rage, and that’s never a good solution to anything.

Believing in yourself and loving yourself as you are great qualities to have. However, being active, eating nutritious food, and getting plenty of rest is also very important. Combine the two and you’ll be virtually unstoppable.

Bored Panda spoke to Paralympian, motivational speaker, and comedian Josh Sundquist, who lost his leg to cancer when he was 9 years old, about what advice he would give to people would love to exercise more.

“We all have different levels of physical ability, scheduling freedom, and personal motivation to be active,” Sundquist pointed out that everyone’s life is different. “So sometimes there are constraints that make it difficult for people to shed a sedentary lifestyle.”

He continued, pointing out that being active greatly improves the quality of one’s life: “But I think all research is clear that the best health (physical and mental) outcomes are associated with an active lifestyle, so the extent it’s within your ability to find a physical activity that you enjoy, I think you’ll find being active is a definite life upgrade.”

Sundquist said that he personally exercises ‘for the endorphins.’ “The harder you work, the more your body will reward you with that rush afterward.”

People were on the meteorologist’s side and applauded how she reacted

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Some internet users pointed out that the newscaster is ‘gorgeous’ and isn’t fat